Third Sector News & Updates February 2020

Third Sector News & Updates February 2020Collaborating for Outcomes

February 2020
Achieving Better Outcomes for Families Across the Country

Through the Empowering Families Initiative, six state and county government agencies have pioneered new ways to advance two-generation outcomes. Third Sector partnered with the six communities to utilize a variety of strategies from which other agencies can draw insights while working to enhance the delivery of human services in ways that foster whole-family well-being. From provider and participant engagement in Florida and Iowa, to data and cross-agency collaboration in Massachusetts and Colorado, and early-childhood efforts in North Carolina and Connecticut, read the stories of how government agencies in these states moved over $170M in public funds to focus on priority outcomes.
Better Careers Design Group Launches with Four Local Teams
Third Sector has accepted 20 workforce development organizations from across California into the Better Careers Design Group, subdivided into four Local Teams (Alameda, Central Coast, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, with two organizations working across the four teams). The Design Group began in January and is focused on moving people from low-wage work to middle-wage work with advancement opportunities, in line with the goals of The James Irvine Foundation’s Better Careers initiative. Participating organizations will learn key principles of human-centered design and an outcomes-orientation through a series of six workshops and associated activities. Each team will apply these concepts locally to produce an Outcomes-Driven Solutions Plan by mid-2021.
If you are interested in following the progress of this work, please sign up for the Learning Community to get priority access to Design Group updates and tools.
Envisioning Pay for Success in Massachusetts Higher Education
“For those eager to see the student achievement gap closed, it was great news when Gov. Charlie Baker recently signed legislation calling for a $1.5 billion increase in K-12 education funding, much of it intended for lower-income communities.” Third Sector director H. Kay Howard argues in “Can ‘pay for success’ boost post-secondary outcomes?” that funding is not enough. “To promote long-term results, we also need a much stronger focus on ‘grade 13’ – what happens to students beyond high school – to ensure that Massachusetts promotes access to and success in college across lines of race and class.”
Learn more about Third Sector’s partnerships in higher education to increase college access and success through our PFS in Higher Education National Cohort.
Partnering with Federal Agencies to Guide Funding Toward Outcomes
In 2019, Third Sector worked with two federal agencies, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Federal Youth Services Bureau's (FYSB) Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center (RHYTTAC) to compile toolkits and guides that help define clear steps forward in creating an outcomes-oriented program. Learn more about the guides and other engagements in this recent Third Sector blog post.

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