Lessons Learned

Progress Report: Transforming California Counties' Delivery of Mental Health Services 
Third Sector is supporting a coalition of California counties seeking to improve delivery of mental health services across the state in the Multi-County Full Service Partnership Innovation Project

Lessons Learned: Empowering Families: Partnering with Communities to Deliver Outcomes
Third Sector partnered with six state and local government agencies for The Empowering Families Initiative for government agencies to align Two-Generational social services to foster the wellbeing of whole families from generation to generation. 

Lessons Learned: Transitioning Individuals in Full Service Mental Health Programs to Lower Levels of Care
As part of the Multi-County Full Service Partnership Innovation Project, Third Sector interviewed mental health experts across the country to identify indicators and the most promising practices for stepping individuals down to less intensive levels of care.

Project Brief: Designing Programs for Young Parents & Families 
The Southeastern Cohort on Young Parents and Families works to increase alignment between programs and public funding streams (including TANF, WIOA, SNAP, Head Start) promoting collaboration between government agencies, nonprofit partners, and young parent families.

Project Brief: Pay For Success in Higher Education National Cohort
Colorado and Ohio have begun leveraging Pay for Success as a way to fund wraparound student support services that improve matriculation, persistence, and graduation outcomes for underserved students.


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Better Careers Design Group 

Southeastern Cohort on Young Parents and Families 

  • Insights for Community Action Agencies: Designing Better Programs to Support Young Parent Families – Spotlight on South Carolina
  • Improving Economic Stability for Young Parents – Spotlight on Kentucky & Massachusetts
  • Improving Transition Strategies for Young Parents Aging Out of Foster Care - Spotlight on Georgia
  • Strategies to Address the Benefits Cliff
  • Strategies to Promote Two-Generational Outcomes

PFS in Higher Education National Cohort

  • PFS in Higher Education National Cohort Final Presentations
  • Importance of PFS Pilots in Order to Launch PFS Projects
  • Evidence-Based Services & Procurement Implications
  • Funding in PFS Projects
  • Pay for Success “101”
  • Exploring PFS with Student Support Services
  • Request for Information: College Access and Success Providers
  • Request for Information: States and Systems of Higher Ed