Mission & Values

Our mission is to transform public systems to advance improved and equitable outcomes.

About Us

Social service delivery is serious, complex, and expensive. Governments at all levels are the largest funders of social sector programs, spending trillions of dollars per year on these programs. Philanthropy provides billions of dollars more to catalyze and supplement those programs. And yet, this massive universe of funding is often not allocated based on which programs are the most effective. We see a need to change that by helping entities connect resources to results. By doing so, we can drive systematic improvements in services that advance people’s lives.

Third Sector uses public funding and data as levers to impact how governments, providers, and their partners work with and improve the lives of the people they serve. This process leads to quantifiable improvements in people’s lives by creating new incentives to inspire sustainable operational changes.

We work alongside communities to help realize a thriving future of educational opportunity, economic mobility, housing stability, and physical and mental health. In order to improve lives at scale, we advise communities on shaping equitable systems. In this process we bring to light systemic biases based on factors such as race, ethnicity, income, and location. We seek out and elevate diverse local perspectives and foster an inclusive environment where these voices are centered in the decision-making process. We acknowledge the responsibility that comes with directing resources. We embrace an equity-centered approach that leverages data and best practices, while involving those closest to the challenge in designing effective solutions.

When our work is complete, organizations entrusted to use public and private funds will have the systems, tools, and data to do more and do better for the people they serve.

Founded in 2011, Third Sector is a 501(c)3 organization that has worked with more than 40 communities to deploy more than $1.2 billion of government resources towards outcomes.

Our Values


We have respect for our clients, for the people whose lives we aim to improve, and for the hard work that has and is being done to move toward a performance-driven social sector.


We will bring an intellectual and analytical rigor to our engagements, to help clients engage with Pay for Success and its potential to advance effective and proven programs.


We bring deep experience in finance, project management, and evaluation, but recognize the value of learning from and collaborating with partners at all stages of a project.


We believe in developing projects that measurably improve the lives of people in need and creating a sustainable field that funds programs with demonstrated impact and results.


We are resolute in our commitment to continuous learning as a firm and we view self and organizational reflection as essential components of the learning process.

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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Third Sector, we believe that in order to uphold our core values - Respect, Rigor, Results, Resourcefulness, and Reflection - we must have a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in both the way we operate as an organization and how we approach our work. Today’s societal challenges are rooted in systemic discrimination and disproportionately affect people along racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines. Under the leadership and support of our Board, CEO, and management team, we work alongside communities to address challenges such as multigenerational poverty, housing stability, workforce and economic mobility, and physical and mental health, as well as the systems that prevent equitable access and deliver services that lead to disproportionate outcomes. In order to positively impact these complex issues, we must seek out and elevate diverse local perspectives, foster an inclusive environment where those voices are centered in the decision-making process, and embrace an equity-centered approach that uses our privileged position to meet the needs of the marginalized and historically underserved.


Elevating diverse perspectives


Fostering an inclusive environment


Embracing an equity-centered approach

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