Webinar on PFS from Service Provider Perspective

Social Solutions Webinar:
Pay for Success from the Service Provider Perspective

Roca’s Experience with Preparations and Contract Negotiations in Massachusetts

January 28, 2013

John Grossman, Partner & General Counsel, recently participated in a webinar hosted by Social Solutions that focused on Pay for Success from the perspective of service providers. The webinar looks at how Roca, a performance-driven provider of services to young people at high risk of incarceration, worked with Third Sector Capital Partners to prepare for and determine that a PFS contract would be worth pursuing.



  • Bill Pinakiewicz, Vice President of Eastern Region, Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • Lili Elkins, Chief Strategy Officer, Roca
  • John Grossman, Partner & General Counsel, Third Sector Capital Partners

Webinar Recording

Third Sector Capital Partners is working with Roca, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other partners to launch the first state-level Pay for Success pilot project in the United States. Read more.