Santa Clara and Hillside Awarded NFF Grants

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) has announced two of our partners, Santa Clara County and Hillside Family of Agencies, have been selected as grant recipients through the federal Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Pay for Success initiative.

Santa Clara County has been awarded the SIF grant to launch a Pay for Success project serving individuals with acute mental illness. The selected service provider, Telecare Corporation, will focus on clients who have frequent stays in psychiatric emergency care, and ensure these patients are stabilized in less restrictive, community-based environments. The SIF grant supports Third Sector's construction of the Pay for Success project in partnership with Santa Clara County and Telecare Corporation.

The grant also supports Third Sector's work with Hillside to construct a Pay for Success project to reduce incarceration  juvenile justice system of New York State. Known as the Intensive Community Asset Program (ICAP), the project is designed to prevent or reduce the number of days that youth involved with the juvenile justice system spend in detention and out-of-home placement. Through place-based services, neighborhood-based community asset navigators, crisis support, and Hillside case managers, ICAP will serve at-risk youth in 10 counties of upstate New York. Read our case study here.

Hillside and Santa Clara County are two of four organizations awarded SIF funding through NFF's competition, which awarded a total of $870,000 to Pay for Success projects in the United States. For more information on NFF's awards, read their announcement here.