CEO and Co-Founder George Overholser featured in Chronicle of Philanthropy Webinar

Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. has been featured in a webinar series exploring Pay for Success and its potential. Hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, CEO and Co-Founder George Overholser answered questions about the model, and how its addressing the most pressing issues for vulnerable communities around the United States.

George spoke on a virtual panel discussion that included the James Irvine Foundation, Living Cities, and the Urban Institute. Their discussion has been published in three parts:

Pay for Success Financing: Overview

"What is pay for success, who uses it, and how? How many pay-for-success deals have been negotiated or are in the works? Some people consider this form of investment in the charitable sector promising, but it remains untested on a broad basis. So why hasn’t it caught on faster?"

Watch the full webinar here.

Pay for Success Financing: Anatomy of a Deal

"During this video discussion, we will walk viewers through the structure of a recent pay-for-success deal, with attention to the following issues: Why traditional financing methods did not work to accomplish the goals of the project, how to win support for this form of financing from government agencies, and how foundations and philanthropy can shape a deal"

Watch the full webinar here.

Pay for Success Financing: The Future of This Model

"Our panelists share early results from pay-for-success projects, explain what’s been learned from them, and discuss how to collect data for evaluation."

Watch the full webinar here.