$11.2 Million in Pay for Success Grants Available from the Social Innovation Fund

On June 26, 2014, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) announced a Notice of Funding Availability (Notice) of up to $11.2 million for the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Pay for Success Grant Competition. The PFS competition is designed to examine when and how Pay for Success works best, strengthen and diversify the pipeline of state and local governments as well as nonprofit service providers that are ready to participate in PFS, attract much-needed capital to solutions that work, and collect and share knowledge about every step of the process. The competition accepts applications from nonprofit organizations and city and state governments seeking to enhance the reach and impact of innovative community-based solutions that improve the lives of people in low-income communities. Successful applicants will receive grants between $200,000 and $1,800,000 per year for three years. Grants will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the grantees. In line with SIF priorities, projects will target Youth Development, Economic Opportunity and Healthy Futures. Applicants are encouraged to send a letter of intent by July 15 and applications are due by July 31. Learn more and apply here!