Nonprofit Finance Fund Publishes PFS Comparative Analysis

The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) released a report, “Pay for Success: The First 25”. The report provides a deep analysis into the launch, impact, and implications of the first 25 Pay for Success (PFS) projects launched in the US. This report provides a baseline understanding of what goes into every PFS contract while also explaining components that often vary. By gathering the available information on each project in one place, the NFF provides a useful tool to draw conclusions from and build new ideas to improve upon the work that has already been done. Several of Third Sector’s projects are discussed in the report including Cuyahoga Partnering for Family Success Program, Santa Clara Project Welcome Home, Santa Clara County Partners in Wellness, and Alameda County Justice Restoration Project (ACJRP). Third Sector is proud to be a part of the effort to transition government dollars to  outcomes-based contracts that make a measurable impact on the lives of the people they are designed to serve. We look forward to continuing to participate in the evolution and growth of the field in pursuit of our mission. Read the full report to learn about the successes and learnings gained over the past several years.