Massachusetts Launches Landmark Initiative
to Reduce Recidivism Among At-Risk Youth

“The Massachusetts Pay for Success Initiative is about changing the odds. It’s about confronting the stubborn trends of incarceration and poverty among justice-system-involved young men, and standing in solidarity to say to these young men, ‘We will not leave you behind, you deserve more than jail or prison, and we will give you our time and support to help you make a better future for yourself and your community.’” – Molly Baldwin, founder and executive director of Roca

Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc. is proud to serve as the project intermediary for the Commonwealth’s Pay for Success initiative. Learn more here

$11.67 Million Awarded to Third Sector Project

MA Pay for Success

Massachusetts has been awarded an $11.67 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor that will expand the Commonwealth’s Pay for Success Project. Third Sector is the project intermediary for this juvenile justice initiative. Read more.

Third Sector Case Studies: From Ideas to Action

Third Sector has published two Pay for Success case studies discussing our work and key lessons learned: From Idea to Action: Pay for Success in Santa Clara County and Preparing for a Pay for Success Opportunity.

California Endowment Awards PFS Grant

Third Sector and the National Council on Crime and Delinquency have been awarded a grant to develop two county-level PFS projects in California related to restorative justice and foster care. Read more.

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