Susannah Peterson

Director of Talent & Equity

Portland, OR

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Susannah is the Director of Talent & Equity at Third Sector. Dedicated to developing and retaining a high performance, diverse team, she is invested in ensuring equity and compliance in all HR processes. Through her commitment to this role, she hopes to provide the resources needed for every team member to thrive at Third Sector.

Susannah has an impressive career history. She has over 13 years of accumulated experiences, as an operations executive focusing on teams achieving goals for non-profits, for-profits, tech start-ups and municipalities. She was selected to lead, and successfully completed international corroboration projects, (juvenile justice in Prague and South Africa) as well as launching a New American/Immigration program in Kansas City. Susannah’s drive is to focus on a human-centered, problem-solving approach when designing a successful program implementation, all the while interacting with key stakeholders and marginalized groups.

Prior to her current role, Susannah worked at several national non-profit organizations, helping to build out HR operations and improve employee experiences. Susannah is a student of both humans, and their behavior: her bachelor’s degree in psychology, with dual minors in biology and neuroscience. She is fascinated by the mind/body connection and the multiple social factors that help individuals perform at their very best.