Jess Praphath

Managing Director, Economic Mobility

San Francisco, CA

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Jess Praphath is Managing Director, Economic Mobility, based in Denver, Colorado where she leads the development and deployment of the organization's strategy to build multi-sector partnerships across human services, postsecondary education, and workforce development systems. These multi-sector partnerships promote everyone's well-being and ensure accessibility to free or affordable education and training opportunities that support the whole person and lead to jobs and careers that pay a living wage.

A daughter of refugees and a beneficiary of many social services throughout her life, Jess started her career as a community organizer in her hometown of Stockton, California. She helped start a collective impact initiative to build resident power and address the roots of intergenerational poverty in Stockton. Prior to Third Sector, Jess consulted at John Snow Inc. where she worked on health systems transformation initiatives, focusing on developing community health needs assessments for integrated delivery systems. As she grew her focus on multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary social impact, she's helped public servants across the country strategize and implement social service transformations and supercharge efforts to foster economic mobility for all, no matter their race, background, or circumstance.

Jess holds a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Public Health from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley.