Caroline Whistler

CEO and Co-Founder

San Francisco, CA

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Caroline Whistler is co-founder and CEO of Third Sector, where she leads the organization’s work advising our government agencies on effective ways to reshape their policies, systems, and services toward better outcomes for all people, no matter their race, background, and circumstances. Third Sector is a national nonprofit helping to unlock possibility, confront inequity, and catalyze change to the benefit of the people and places our government, community-based, and philanthropic partners serve. It has transitioned more than $1.8B in public funding to be outcomes-focused, directing those resources on improving solutions for key social issues, including diversion and re-entry, behavioral health, early childhood, and family economic mobility. Third Sector has grown to serve more than 50 state and local government jurisdictions.

Under Caroline’s leadership, the organization has become an established national nonprofit with 60 remote employees and a $10M operating budget. This success has garnered Caroline national recognition as a leading expert in Pay for Success and outcomes-focused contracting. In 2016, the Chronicle of Philanthropy named her to their “40 Under 40” list recognizing nonprofit and philanthropic leaders who are driving forward innovative solutions to pressing problems. In the same year, she was also recognized by Living Cities as one of the country's “25 Disruptive Leaders.” Caroline's trailblazing approach to public-sector partnerships is rooted in a firm belief that in order to affect social change, leaders in positions of authority must identify and incorporate groundbreaking solutions that challenge the status quo, seek out promising practices, and develop new concepts for programs with courage and conviction.

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