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We support clients in adopting an outcomes orientation at every level – from an individual program to an entire jurisdiction. Our services enable clients to shift to an outcomes orientation through a four-phased engagement process. Third Sector has launched ten outcomes-oriented contracts that transition over $806 million in total public funding towards positive outcomes.

Third Sector collaborates with government agencies to develop innovative contracts that align policy, dollars, data, and services around improved social outcomes.

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Third Sector's work spans across four phases.

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In the Assess phase, Third Sector starts engagements with an assessment of current capabilities, desired capabilities, and the gap between these conditions. At the successful completion of this phase, clients have built:

  • An Engaged Coalition of agency leaders, service providers, community partners, and policy makers committed to working together to build outcomes contracts
  • A Shared Understanding with coalition members across the measurement, interventions, population, and economic variables that will inform an outcomes contract
  • A Roadmap for Outcomes Contracting where the coalition aligns around a clear vision for outcomes contracts – and a plan of action for moving forward towards that vision

The Assess phase typically lasts six to nine months.


With a clear vision in place, Third Sector works with the coalition in the Build phase to negotiate and launch an outcomes contract or contracts. By the end of the Build phase, outcomes contracts are driving continuous improvement in services via data feedback.

  • New relationships and operating procedures enable more comprehensive evaluation of long-term outcomes using Integrated Outcome Data – a combination of administrative and evaluation data
  • Improve programs and services in real time

The Build phase typically lasts nine to fifteen months.


With contracts launched, Third Sector works with stakeholders to Optimize and continuously improve contracts to deliver better outcomes over time. As a result, stakeholders have maximized the benefits of their outcomes contracts and are ready to improve and scale.

  • Agency leaders and service providers have new data-driven insights into program outcomes
  • Outcomes contracts are adjusted to ensure that financial incentives achieve the desired effects (Improved Incentives)

The Optimize phase typically lasts twelve to thirty-six months.


Finally, after a successful contract, Third Sector helps clients develop a process and a plan to scale outcomes contracts. Clients leave the Scale phase with the tools and expertise to expand outcomes contracts to new programs, agencies or jurisdictions.

  • Policymakers and agency leaders have a defined, replicable process for expanding an outcomes orientation
  • Staff at agencies and service providers have a thorough understanding of outcomes contracting and the capability to manage outcomes-oriented initiatives
  • Agencies and jurisdictions integrate an outcomes orientation into their strategic plans and policies

The Scale phase typically lasts six to nine months.


“I valued all of Third Sector services. Your quality was excellent. It wasn’t just “we agreed we would do x and here is x”; it was more that we agreed we would do X but also Y and Z are other considerations and we explore those too. Third Sector was thinking about other potential challenges and outcomes and that meant a lot to me as well.

Brooke Valle, Vice President of Strategy
San Diego Workforce Partnership
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