Top 3 Things States Need to Know to Use FFPSA to Remake Child Welfare Systems

"Since Family First was first enacted by Congress in February 2018, states have begun the important work to remake their systems and make a real, positive difference in the lives of children surviving abuse and neglect. Now with the added tools and funding available through FFTA, if developed well, these new systems will help thousands of children stay with birth parents and siblings through interventions and supports that address the root issues that families face."

In a recent piece in Youth Today, Third Sector Director, Debra Solomon, spoke about three possible ways states could further develop their childcare systems and extend their impact with the added funding and tools made available through FFTA:

  • Engage deeply with your communities to choose the best interventions for your population: Adopt evidence-based practices and culturally informed strategies to build trust within populations served
  • Focus on improved data infrastructure and staff capacity: Follow compliance with FFPSA requirements and continually evaluate and measure effectiveness.
  • Develop responsive and outcomes-oriented contracts with service providers: Focus on identifying robust performance measures and culturally competent providers, and build processes that allow for continuous improvement