Jalen Goldwire

Federal Business Development Intern

Washington, DC

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Jalen Goldwire is a Federal Business Development Intern for the Spring semester.

Jalen is a Senior at Georgetown University and is taking a semester off studies this spring to get some work experience while recovering from a sports injury. He is majoring in Economics and will return to school this fall to finish his Bachelor degree and final football season. In addition to playing defensive back on their varsity football team, Jalen has completed leadership courses and taken on leadership positions within the school's athletic department. He also completed a summer practicum with Jessup consulting in Florida where he analyzed trends and market data for clients and consolidated financial statements and data to assess financial wellness.

As part of Team Federal, Jalen will conduct in-depth research on agencies, programs, funding streams and specific opportunities to inform our Federal Business Development strategy, determine our competitive advantage and refine our federal opportunity pipeline. Through this research, Jalen will also have an opportunity to learn how the anti-poverty theories he has studied in school are applied in practice.