LA County DMH Project

Key Information

Project Stage: Advisory Issue Area: Health Region: West
Government Payor/Client: Los Angeles County's Department of Mental Health (CA)

Project Overview

Third Sector has been engaged by LA County’s Department of Mental Health to facilitate an agency-wide shift to an outcomes orientation, beginning with the transformation of approximately $102M in recurring intensive mental health services contracts. These Full Service Partnership (FSP) contracts assist individuals diagnosed with a severe mental illness, with the goal of providing intensive mental health services, and Third Sector is engaging County staff, providers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the contracts align with a “do whatever it takes” vision of mental health services and achieve outcomes for those most in need. In this first phase of the project, Third Sector will also provide technical assistance to DMH to leverage at least $50M of flexible Preventative & Early Intervention (PEI) funding to build inter-agency outcomes-oriented contracts with the County’s Department of Child and Family Services and Department of Public Health. The transformation of these contracts will provide the groundwork for Third Sector, DMH, and County stakeholders to map out processes to align DMH’s remaining $1.15B in recurring external contracts/services with meaningful life outcomes, focusing particularly on the $88M in recurring child FSP contracts.