Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA)

The U.S. Department of Treasury has announced the first Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA). SIPPRA’s new $100 million federal fund is available to states and local governments seeking funding for exceptional social service programs.

In this NOFA, the U.S. Department of Treasury has prioritized “shovel-ready” efforts and expects to award up to $66 Million to state and local governments. In this initial round of funding, there is also a priority for programs that directly benefit individuals under the age of 18 with up to $33 Million earmarked for children and family services.

Proposals are considered “shovel-ready” if they have an agreed-to outcomes contract from a state or local government, a completed evaluation plan to validate outcomes and federal cost savings, a completed baseline outcomes analysis for the eligible population, and signed MOUs or MOAs for integrated data sets to support outcome validation and program referrals. SIPPRA outcome payments will only be disbursed for up to the federal cost savings achieved through the program’s outcomes. Those outcomes results and federal cost savings will need to validated by an independent evaluator. Proposals do not need to rely on upfront, third-party financing/investments, meaning proposals for outcome contracts can be submitted. If applicants do not believe they meet the requirements of this NOFA, a second NOFA for Feasibility Study will be published later in 2019.

Third Sector Support for Communities

Third Sector looks forward to supporting communities as they explore this opportunity, as well as working with those planning to submit a proposal to help ensure that it meets SIPPRA guidelines and incorporates best practices from the field. In the upcoming weeks, Third Sector will be releasing additional resources for communities as they begin their application process.

  • Webinar: Digging into the SIPPRA NOFA: Next Steps for Governments that May Not Meet All Requirements
    Date: March 5 at 1:30pm EST/10:30am PST
    Hosted by Third Sector CEO and Co-Founder, Caroline Whistler, we will discuss short and long-term options to secure funding and solidify community partnerships.  These options include funding for Feasibility Studies and tapping into other outcomes-enabled federal funding streams.

SIPPRA Webinar Recording

SIPPRA Webinar Presentation

  • Customized support for SIPPRA applications
    Third Sector will help State and Local governments evaluate the competitiveness of their applications for this first NOFA, and strives to support as many of strong proposals as possible

SIPPRA will accelerate government’s capacity to use data-driven decision-making across multiple agencies and programs. Since 2011, Third Sector has helped shift $455 million in public funding towards outcomes-oriented contracts that improve community wellness. For more information about our work with the federal government, please visit Our Federal Services page.


Key Dates

  • A Notice of Intent to Apply (encouraged) is due before April 8, 2019
  • Proposal are due before May 22, 2019 via the Federal Grants Portal
  • Results will be announced in November 2019 (5-15 proposals will be selected)

Please contact Oscar Benitez if you are interested in learning more or have specific questions about SIPPRA or how Third Sector can help your community take advantage of this opportunity.