Salt Lake County announces Request for Information to identify PFS issue areas

Salt Lake County has released a Pay for Success Request for Information (RFI) this week, asking nonprofits and other interested stakeholders to help the County obtain information regarding social service program areas that would be well suited for Pay for Success contracting focused on improving social outcomes. The County seeks to implement multiple PFS contracts to fund criminal and social services in the County.

Mayor Ben McAdams says the county is looking to the nonprofit community and others to help identify promising issue areas. “We’re interested in following data and evidence to scale up programs that help folks in their effort to get on a better path for their future, whether it be treating those with substance abuse before they end up in jail, or reducing chronic homelessness in the community. We think there’s a huge opportunity to put taxpayer dollars towards what actually works, rather than following an out-dated recipe that we once thought or hoped would work,” said Mayor McAdams.